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EMTRON Amplifiers


Emtron is a division of Emona Electronics Pty Ltd, a long established Australian company that was founded some 35 years ago. These two respected names have been the driving force in radio amateur business in Australia with decades of history making top-quality products available to the ham radio community. The flagship Emtron brand of products are designed and made in Australia, and the Emtron name is synonymous with and recognised for innovative engineering, advanced technology, quality, reliability and superb craftsmanship.

All Emtron amplifiers comprising the highly evolved DX Series have been developed with a specific application in mind, and they all have one thing in common - the unique modular construction concept ! All modules except where the power is concerned are interchangeable, regardless of the model of the amplifier. The advantages of such a construction are enormous - not only from a service point of view, where a few minutes and a screwdriver is all you need. Modular construction also has a big advantage in manufacturing. These "new breed" high quality linear RF power amplifiers are quite unique. Designed and built in Australia by professional engineers, who also happen to be experienced amateur radio operators. At Emtron we sincerely believe that there is no other manually tuned amplifier on the market today that meets the craftsmanship, modern electronic engineering techniques, reliability and features of EMTRON amplifiers.

All Emtron amplifiers have very sophisticated control and tube protection circuitry, which robustly protect the tube from all possible mishandling. Emtron does not only build amplifiers for amateur service; we also supply bespoke custom-built amplifiers for different applications such as professional, paramilitary, RF power generators (plasma, scientific, industrial and medical / ISM applications) as well as the radio broadcasting market.


  1. Advanced SWR Protection Circuitry, protects the tube, band switch as well as some electronic circuitry from failure. At SWR greater than 1:2.6 (adjustable) it bypasses the amplifier for 2 seconds as a warning.
  2. Total Overdrive Protection with built-in pre-warning LED and 2 seconds bypass circuit. It is absolutely impossible to generate a broad, distorted spurious or harmonic signal with any Emtron DX Series amplifiers.
  3. Overheat Protection with full temperature monitoring and control, utilizing 2 x Temperature Sensors (80 Degrees Celsius & 110 Degrees Celsius), controlling a 2-speed 72 CFM turbine blower.
  4. Instantaneous Visual Display of all important RF, DC and control parameters. No switching required.
  5. 2-Step EBS (Electronic Bias Switch) to improve efficiency of the amplifier and minimise heat generation.
  6. Flash Over Protection to protect the expensive tube as well as the electronic circuitry.
  7. Fault Diagnosis for temperature and plate current surge.
  8. Well Regulated Screen Supply for the +ve and –ve currents as well as current limiting to protect the tube and minimize the IMD.
  9. Soft Start Inrush Protection exclusive to Emtron, is the Phase Control Triac System, as used in Emtron DX Series amplifiers. This unique system found in no other amplifier so far, is the best Soft Start system available today.
  10. Optional QSK Module (Fast Vacuum Relay) can handle all current digital modes used in HF radio communications.

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